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About Us:

We pride ourselves on fostering a community of creativity, inclusion and opportunity. We build teams and create positions around people, rather than the other way around and love letting individual talents shine. We are constantly learning, but we believe in holistic training and investing time and sweat equity in bettering ourselves and each other.
Get to know us a little better and if it seems like a good fit, come join our team.
Work at Connected

Our Purpose

Connecting People and Building Community

Our Mission

  • Value Time
  • Create Moments That Earn Memories
  • Encourage Evolving Exploration
  • Share In Prosperity With Our Team & Community 

Our Process

Become 1% better each day.  It always seems impossible until it’s not.

View Our Process:
  • Embrace diversity. A unique team is a powerful one.
  • Plant seeds, water them, and grow them into our legacy.
  • It's not who the person is today that's important, but who they can be if you believe in them.
  • Eliminate Anonymous by listening attentively & responding creatively.
  • Trust is the highest form of human motivation.
  • It's okay to "Break the rules", just not the law.
  • There is always a smarter, faster and better way.
  • Be alert and aware. Safety starts when no one is watching.
  • Confidence that you know everything will make you an idiot.
  • Commit to learning more about what you do. When we know better we do better.
  • Take action. It can only suck once, or it can be the best thing we've ever done.
  • When we add, take something away to provide clarity. Let go so we can grow.
  • Be consistent and persistent. They aren't hearing you until you're tired of saying it.
  • Mistakes followed by positive reflection lead to growth.

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Ke'nekt (C) EST. 2020  |  AMPUP1 Hospitality Management